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Game: Isekai Alchemist

A cozy social simulator where the player is a potion-making village alchemist in a fantasy world, and can learn Japanese vocabulary and kanji in the process.

With secrets to uncover, characters to establish relationships with, and challenges to overcome at their own pace, Isekai Alchemist is an enthralling adventure in its own right as well as the most entertaining language-learning game players will have ever seen.

Suitable for all platforms, including PC, mobile and console. Currently in development.




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About us

We're a full video game development team that includes language teachers and language app experts.

We seek to create an ever-growing community of enthusiasts of our narrative worlds and unique language-learning tools for whom we can continue to develop and publish additional chapters, additional languages, and other games, such as Dormantia.

Accolades for Isekai Alchemist: Selection Ars Games Vórtex 2023 for IndieDevDay, selection IndieGG for TenerifeGG 2023.

Accolades for Dormantia: Winner Best Team at FemPowerUp 2022 stand at IndieDevDay, selection IndieGG for TenerifeGG 2022.

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